Our Program

“If we can get a girl to see the value in herself, then she will begin to see the value in her future”.

Girl Talk Community-Based Program

Girl Talk, Inc. is a youth development and empowerment program that develops girls into strong, confident, self-sufficient women and empowers them to be the best version of themselves that they can be. Key components of the program include leadership development, self-esteem and confidence building, mentoring, college & career inspiration, community service and abstinence education. Currently, Girl Talk institutes two different models to impact and influence girls – a Community-Based Program and a School-Based Program.


We provide our girls with caring adults who will be their support, guide, confidant and positive role model through life’s biggest challenges.  Girl Talk recruits mentors who are matched with girls to build relationships and implement our standards through mentoring and group sessions.  We do our best to keep our mentor pairings to a minimum.  Mentors are paired with one to three girls, depending on the mentor’s preference and level of comfort.

Group Activities

Girl Talk’s Staff and Activities Planning Committee plans educational, fun, and relevant activities for our girls. These activities are designed to inspire, empower, increase confidence & self-esteem, and create a safe place for girls to grow and become their best selves.

    • The Girl Talk Sleepovers

      The Place Where Transformation Happens

      The Girl Talk sleepovers are a place where our girls receive group mentoring and get to express real emotions, feelings, issues, fears and insecurities. Girl Talk Inc. began with a small group of girls who came together to have sleepovers and spend time together. This small group became what is now Girl Talk Inc. Our sleepovers are “the place where transformation happens”. Our sleepovers are structured around a curriculum that digs deep and gets into the hearts of our youth. It consists of discussions like “why am I so valuable?”, “The Beauty that Lies Within”, or “Why does my future matter so much?”

    • Our Annual Retreat

Girl Talk hosts a retreat each year to empower our girls to just be who they are! We want girls everywhere to know that they can be comfortable in their own skin and love themselves just the way God made them.

College & Career Awareness

Girl Talk Career Tours
Girl Talk partners with professional women in our community known as our “She-Pros” to provide them an opportunity to inspire and empower our girls by sharing personal and professional career challenges and successes, as well as to impart important career development strategies for success.

Girl Talk College Tours
Girl Talk plans annual college tours for girls to raise the awareness and importance of education and college. It allows us to challenge our girls to begin thinking about their future and how important education is to their future. Our college tours also allow our girls to see themselves as college students with the hopes of it eventually becoming a reality to them. “If we can get a girl to see the value in herself, then she will begin to see the value in her future”.


School-Based Program

Girl Talk partners with Great Schools Partnership Community Schools Initiative and Tennessee College of Applied Technology to provide services to girls inside of Knox County Schools after school. Through curriculum-based learning objectives, we assist in building girls’ confidence and self-esteem, preventing teen pregnancy, and increasing the likelihood of educational advancement.  Each semester, inside of several Knox County Schools, Girl Talk helps girls learn how to better understand and address the issues they face and ensure academic achievement & success. Through 10 weekly after school sessions, each semester, facilitated by Girl Talk volunteers, girls gain confidence, tools for academic achievement and success, and college & career learning. The girls also have the opportunity to tour colleges, universities and other training programs.

Schools we currently or have previously partner(ed) with are:

  • Dogwood Elementary School
  • Beaumont Magnet Academy
  • Christenberry Elementary School
  • Norwood Elementary School
  • Lonsdale Elementary School
  • Sarah Moore Green Elementary School
  • New Hopewell Elementary School
  • Green Magnet Academy
  • Vine Middle Magnet School
  • Northwest Middle School
  • Fulton High School