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Girl Talk would like to invite you to Desire to Inspire: The Girl Talk Experience… an introspective view into Girl Talk and the lives of the girls we serve. The life of a Girl Talk girl can be both positive and negative. People often say that “kids don’t go through much” or “just wait until they are grown and then they will really see how hard it is”. At Girl Talk, we see it differently. We get to witness both the joys and struggles that our girls experience, and we are here to insure that they live their best lives possible.

Desire to Inspire: the Girl Talk Experience is a free, one hour monthly event that lets you into the behind the scenes of Girl Talk and into the lives of our girls. It will challenge your thinking and open your eyes to the possibilities of what “could be”. We want you to see our girls how we see them and how/why we work so hard to make sure that their choices and actions produce better outcomes for their futures.

Pick a date and RSVP below. We look forward to seeing you there!


The Girl Talk Experience on the road. We can bring Desire to Inspire: The Girl Talk Experience to you. If your church, small group, business, or community group would like to learn more about Girl Talk and the girls we work with just give us a call. We would be happy to come out and spend time with you.  We could even make it into a house party.  If you would like to invite friends over to your house, we can bring the Girl Talk Experience to you!