Success Stories

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    Velicity is now a junior at Lee University, on the honor roll and preparing for a promising future.  However, when she entered our program, her future was not so bright.  Velicity grew up in a single parent home with 3 siblings.  Her mother provided for them with public assistance.  They lived in public housing, was Keep Reading

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    Daisha was 16 years old when she experienced the death her boyfriend.  Her world was turned upside down, but Daisha new she could rely on her Girl Talk sisters in times where she felt alone and in despair.  When she felt weak, she drew from the strength of God, her sisters, and those around her Keep Reading

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    When Kalyn first came into the program, she was thought to have a bad attitude.  Little did we know, under the mask of a bad attitude was a little girl afraid to make friends and get involved at school because of her low self-esteem and experience of rejection.  After entering the program, Kalyn met Daisha Keep Reading